Institutional Investment
For On-Chain Assets

Unveiling Neev Institute Arm: Your Gateway to Diversified DeFi Investments with Unmatched Risk Management

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Our Investment offerings

Experts managed diverse option of investment categories with risk-hedged strategies.

Neev offers tokenized real-world assets for investment, complemented by our established on-chain stablecoin product and on-chain volatile coins.

Why Choose Neev?

Curated and Handled for Institutional Investors by Market Veterans with Institute Grade Risk Management

What Do We Do?

Curated and Handled for Institutional Investors by Market Veterans with Institute Grade Risk Management

Our Impeccable track-record

A Secure way to get exposure to stable DeFi investments

57 pools from over
35 distinct DeFi protocols
Spanning 11 different Stablecoins and
Operates on 10 Separate Blockchain Networks

*This is simulation done since 2021, Feb. All the simulation and stratgies are being tested with the real data and liquidity. There are some inbuilt assumptions.


The fundamental approach guiding our current investment strategy.

RWA & Crypto tokens

All assets are stablecoins and well analysed  before they’re put into simulation. We’ve recently dived into providing RWAs too.

Risk Management

We have our unique risk management framework which protects against different DeFi risks

Monthly Rebalancing

All assets are balanced monthly based on predicted performance, important announcements and market demand.

Insurance protection

We provide optional insurance protection to maximise the safety

Our Founding Team

Our team has more than a decade of experience in the financial and technology space. We have worked as an executive at Morgan Stanley applying Risk Management strategies for more than a billion dollar Asset Under Management, at Royal Bank of Scotland in their Risk & Analytics practice and at Union Bank Switzerland working in their Fixed Income business division.
Our educational backgrounds stem from MIT, Iowa State University, and Indian Institute of Technology.


Investment in the on-chain and cryptocurrency sectors involves both opportunity and risk. While our specialized team employs data-driven strategies to aim for high yield and risk mitigation, it's important to note that we cannot guarantee specific returns or absolute safety of capital. The DeFi environment is still maturing and can be subject to black swan events that are beyond any entity's control. We recommend only investing funds that you can afford to risk, rather than your entire savings pool. In addition, the regulatory landscape for digital assets and blockchain technologies is in constant flux. New rules and guidelines can be implemented with little notice, requiring swift strategic adaptations. Consequently, our investment strategies may be adjusted to comply with updated regulations. Before engaging with our platform, we urge you to conduct your own due diligence and consult financial advisors to ensure that you are comfortable with the associated risks.

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