Financial well being for all

Get wiser with your savings!
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"Square announces Afterpay buyout for $29B, as Buy Now-Pay Later financing continues to speed towards $1T in global volumes"

Contrary to the above statement, Neev is doing the complete opposite. While “buy now, pay later” companies are booming, we believe in the Pay Now, Buy Later narrative. You must be wondering; Why start a company that goes against the trend? How do you propose someone to adopt the “Pay now, buy later” lifestyle?

Our founding team is deeply passionate about financial well-being for all. We truly believe, live and breathe our mission here at Neev. Opening a savings account is a tool that is available to all, however it is not where your money can truly grow.

Neev offers an APY of 5%, which beats the national average by 100x. By investing in this savings account, our customer can feel confident that they are building a strong financial foundation. We want our customers to understand that any foundation of financial health and wellbeing is a slow and steady journey. And with a APY of 5%, it may make the journey a little sweeter.

During the pandemic, the FDIC revealed that 37% of the American household could not come up with $400 to meet an emergency. This tells us a lot about the state of our economy, financial health, and spending habits. A high yield savings account may sound like a simple product, but the impact that it has on your finances and future is huge. With Neev, we believe we can help the world be a better place by offering a product to all that is simple and easy. We hope to better the economy and the financial health of our customers.We will leave you with this piece of advice from Warren Buffet:

“Don’t save what is left after spending but spend what is left after saving”